Choosing Incredible Jewelry For Work

Do you want to spruce up your look for work? Learn tips for picking the best jewelry and accessories so you can look great and professional.

Want To Get Your Wife A Special Piece Of Jewelery? Think Outside The Box And Customize

21 January 2020
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If you have been looking to get your wife something nice for an important holiday, birthday or anniversary coming up, but you aren't sure what to get, talk with a jeweler about getting a customized piece. This doesn't have to be something that is over your budget, but something that is personalized or customized to show that you went out of the way to make the piece special. You don't have to walk into a jewelry store and buy something on the shelves or in a case that anyone else can buy, and instead you can put a twist on your gift. Read More …

Answers To The Top Custom Jewelry Design Questions

23 October 2019
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What should you expect from the custom jewelry design process? If this is your first experience with custom creations, take a look at the top questions customers have asked. What's the Starting Point for a Custom Design? Custom designs are completely individual creations based on the buyer's ideas. This means your imagination is the first stop in the design process. Leave the drawing to the designer. If you're not exactly artistic and don't like to draw, you won't have to sketch your design for the expert to craft. Read More …

4 Benefits Of Buying A Used Gun From A Gun Shop

27 August 2019
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You might have already decided that you want to purchase a gun. You may have even decided that you want to purchase your used gun from a gun shop. What you might not know is where you want to purchase your gun. You have a few options, such as purchasing from a gun show, an individual in your area who is looking to sell his or her used gun, or even from the internet. Read More …

Tips For Selecting The Right Engagement Ring

15 July 2019
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Proposing marriage is one of the most significant moments in a person's life, and many people feel overwhelmed and stressed about finding the perfect engagement ring for their significant other. Luckily, selecting the right engagement ring does not have to be overly difficult-- the keys are to take your time, do your research, and have a plan. It is never a good idea to purchase an engagement ring on a whim, especially since a quality engagement ring can require a significant financial investment. Read More …

Caring For Your New Hoop Earrings

20 March 2019
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Hoop earrings can be a stylish accessory. However, there are many steps that should be taken to ensure the earrings stay in good condition. While caring for these earrings can be a simple task, there are many mistakes that can be avoided with a little preparation and care. Make Sure To Keep The Earrings Clean The most basic form of care that your earrings will require is to be cleaned periodically. Read More …

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Choosing Incredible Jewelry For Work

When I started a new job, I realized that my coworkers dressed a lot better than me. Instead of simply throwing together an outfit, they seemed to plan out what they were wearing based on what they would be doing that day. When we had upscale events, they would spruce up their look with a nice pair of heels or a little extra jewelry. I wanted to fit in, and so I started paying more attention to what I wore to the office. I started by investing in some great jewelry basics, such as a nice watch and a gorgeous set of pearl earrings. This blog is all about teaching people how to wear jewelry to work, so that you feel incredible.