Answers To The Top Custom Jewelry Design Questions

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Answers To The Top Custom Jewelry Design Questions

23 October 2019
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What should you expect from the custom jewelry design process? If this is your first experience with custom creations, take a look at the top questions customers have asked.

What's the Starting Point for a Custom Design?

Custom designs are completely individual creations based on the buyer's ideas. This means your imagination is the first stop in the design process.

Leave the drawing to the designer. If you're not exactly artistic and don't like to draw, you won't have to sketch your design for the expert to craft. Instead, write a list of your ideas. This could include gemstones, metal types, shapes, or any other needs you have.

After you have a general idea in mind and at least a few specific points, it's time to talk to the expert. Read on for more information on meeting with the custom creator.

What's the Designer's Role?

Simply stated, the designer's role is to make your dreams into reality. That is, within reason. In some cases, the imaginary piece of jewelry a customer creates in their mind isn't feasible to make in real life. If you have no or limited knowledge of common metals, shapes, sizes, and the intricacies of design, the professional will need to inform your decisions and potentially suggest changes.

After the designer gets a full sense of what you want and explains how this can become a reality (or suggests changes that will benefit the design), they'll create a sketch of your potential creation. The jeweler may have several different sketches for you—especially if you're not completely sure about what you want.

You'll need to provide final approval for the decision before the jeweler starts to work on the custom creation. After you give the go-ahead, the jewelry designer will take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into a custom piece.

How Long Will a Custom Design Take to Make?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The jewelry-making timeline depends on several factors. These include (but aren't limited to) the complexity of the designs, necessary revisions, the availability of materials, the designer's schedule, and your time needs.

If you have a specific timeframe in mind or a deadline you need to meet (such as a wedding date or an anniversary party), provide the designer with the date when you start the project.

Are you ready to start a custom jewelry design project? Now that you have answers to some of the top design process questions, you're ready to take the next step.

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