Want To Get Your Wife A Special Piece Of Jewelery? Think Outside The Box And Customize

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Want To Get Your Wife A Special Piece Of Jewelery? Think Outside The Box And Customize

21 January 2020
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If you have been looking to get your wife something nice for an important holiday, birthday or anniversary coming up, but you aren't sure what to get, talk with a jeweler about getting a customized piece. This doesn't have to be something that is over your budget, but something that is personalized or customized to show that you went out of the way to make the piece special.

You don't have to walk into a jewelry store and buy something on the shelves or in a case that anyone else can buy, and instead you can put a twist on your gift. Talk with the jeweler about these things.

Custom Engraving

Custom engraving on any piece of jewelry, from a watch or even on the backside of a ring is a subtle way to customize a gift. You can put a message if there is enough room, or even something as simple as the date of the anniversary. You can put a long message on the inside of some bangle bracelets, or just initials on the inside of a ring.

Colored Gem Stones

Colored gem stones are a different look than the traditional white or clear cut diamonds or pearls. If you know that your wife has a favorite color, or that there is a stone that they like particularly, this can be a nice idea. Talk with the jeweler about getting a ring with some custom rubies or topaz put int the setting or look into a piece that has children's birth stones. This is something that they can wear daily, or that they may want to save for special occasions when they are wearing those colors.

Unique Designs

If there is something that your spouse wears that you don't often see in a jewelry store, like a wrap bracelet or chandelier earrings, talk with the jeweler about getting these pieces and getting them custom made. Talk with them about what to use, what the cost will be, and to show you a mock design of the finished product. This is a great way to keep their style but to create a high quality gorgeous piece.

When you want to get your wife a piece of jewelry for a special occasion you don't have to get something that everyone else will be wearing, and instead you can create something that is designed with their personality and tastes in mind. Set a budget and find a jeweler today.

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