Choosing Incredible Jewelry For Work

To Prong Or Not To Prong: What’s Right For Your Engagement Ring?

If you’re in the midst of designing your engagement ring, you know you have a lot of choices. And when it comes to selecting the right setting for your diamond, you want one that will not only allow your precious stone to sparkle but also one that will also keep it protected forever. No matter what you’ve heard about prong settings, there are distinct advantages and drawbacks to choosing this style as well as alternatives that suit any lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know so you can decide if this style is right for you. Benefits of a Prong Setting One of the biggest reasons people go with a prong setting is because it leaves the underside of the diamond open, exposing it to more light than it would have in a different mount. This tends to give it more sparkle and brilliance. These types of settings usually have four or six prongs, and the prongs themselves can be flat, rounded, pointed, or V-shaped. So obviously you have an array of styles to choose from. One advantage of 4-prong settings is that they show more of your diamond, allowing the focus to stay on your brilliant gem. This would be the recommended choice for someone who has a diamond less than one carat in size because six prongs might “swallow” the diamond and compete with your gemstone for attention. Four-prong rings are also popular for a princess or emerald cut, as the prongs will be mounted on the corners, emphasizing the beauty of a square or rectangular shape.  But if you have a small, round diamond, you can change the orientation of the prongs to the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. This is known as a kite mounting, and it has the effect of making the diamond look bigger than it really is. Six-prongs are typically recommended for anything over one carat, and they have one huge advantage over the 4-prong settings: security. If one of the prongs were to break and you’re left with five as opposed to three, you’re obviously going to be less likely to lose that diamond. So if you tend to use your hands a lot for hobbies or your career, you may want to lean towards a 6-prong engagement ring. Drawbacks of a Prong Setting Prong settings can sometimes catch on clothing. If this happens, however, the problem can be fixed by […]

Why You Need Your Jewelry Appraised & What To Look For In An Appraiser

People often don’t think about appraising their jewelry unless they are thinking about selling it. However, you should get an appraisal right after you purchase it and every two years after. There are many different reasons to get jewelry appraised, and here are some important reasons, along with what to look for in an appraiser. Why You Need an Appraisal 1. Jewelry Store Appraisal May Be Inaccurate Most jewelry stores will offer an in-store appraisal with your jewelry. When you do this, you are receiving an appraisal from someone who works for the store, and the appraisal is often higher than it should be. It’s best to get a second opinion from a third-party, unbiased appraiser. This will give you a much better idea of what your jewelry is worth, and you will know that the appraisal is accurate. 2. Insurance Coverage Many people don’t realize that jewelry is not automatically covered by homeowners insurance. If your jewelry is stolen from your home or damaged in a disaster, you can’t just tell your insurance company what you had and how much you paid for it after the fact. Since the value of jewelry fluctuates regularly, the amount of money you receive from jewelry depends on its current appraisal value. You have to have your jewelry appraised, and then you need to list it separately on your insurance papers. If the value of diamonds or gold goes up, you need to get your jewelry re-appraised. Having a re-appraisal will ensure that you receive the amount that your jewelry is truly worth if something happens to it. You don’t want to lose out on hundreds or thousands of dollars because the value went up and you didn’t get a new appraisal before something happened to it. 3. Planning Your Estate Planning your estate is another great reason to get your jewelry appraised. If you are putting several people in your will, you might want to make sure that they are all getting items from you that are of equal value after you pass. You can have it all appraised and split the value between loved ones easily. It will also make sure that they know the value of their inheritance. After your loved ones inherit your jewelry, they might be careless with it if they don’t understand the value. Someone might not think that the jewelry is real or just not realize […]

Working at the Pawn Shop: How Pawn Brokers Tell What Jewelry Is Worth

Have you ever considered selling some jewelry? Maybe you need a couple extra bucks to pay for a concert ticket you’re dying for, or maybe you really need some cash before payday to get caught up on a bill. Whatever your reason, you’re probably curious what you can get for your jewelry. Read on, because you’re about to find out. The Five Cs: Content, Condition, Cut, Carat, Clarity The first, and for some pawnbrokers, the most important aspect of jewelry sales is what exactly the jewelry is made of. Costume jewelry, which is made of pot metals and false gems, is worth next to nothing, and some pawn shops won’t even carry it. If you’re trying to sell costume jewelry, you can expect to get very little for it, and don’t even bother with arguing about how much you spent on it. Pawnbrokers offer you about 50% of what they expect to get for each item. If you have more expensive stuff to sell, your pawnbroker will probably be looking very closely at each item. He or she will try to ascertain the following: Carat. Gold and diamonds are both rated in terms of carats. In gold, the higher the carat content the more gold there is in the jewelry, and with diamonds the more carats the larger the gem. More gold always means more value (and pawnbrokers have kits to test for gold content), but more diamonds does not.  Cut, color and clarity. Diamonds and other gems come in many grades. A raw gem is one that is as it came out of the earth, but most gems in jewelry have been cut to enhance the way they sparkle. Other variables in gems include color, since each gem comes in a variety of colors and some are more valuable than others, and clarity. Clarity refers to imperfections within the stone. Few gems are perfect and the more inclusions, or imperfections in the stone, the less valuable it is. A small diamond with great cut, color and clarity may be worth more than a large but imperfect diamond.  Condition. Not all jewelry wears the same. Necklaces worn only on special occasions are likely to be in better shape than wedding bands that are worn every day, and most people want their used jewelry to look new. If the pawnbroker won’t be able to restore the piece to it’s original condition […]

Expressing Your Mood Through Trendy Fashion Jewelry

Finding the perfect way to express your personality is important, and accessories are a fun and affordable solution when budget is an issue. When you can’t afford the latest designer dress or heels, tell the world who you are by choosing trendy fashion jewelry pieces that speak to the woman you wish to express. There’s nothing you can’t say when you let your ensemble do the talking. Whether the look you’re trying to convey is upwardly mobile or free-spirited and bohemian, matching the trinkets to the mood only takes a little planning: Accessorizing the Free Spirit When you’re itching to unleash your inner wild, anything goes — even mismatched earrings. Fresh off the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, earrings that have nothing in common besides the woman wearing them are the latest fashion statement to rock the runway. Maybe they both dangle; maybe they don’t. One’s red — the other is green. There are no-holds-barred this year when it comes to dressing up the ears of the bohemian woman. So you have trouble choosing between your two favorite pairs of earrings? It’s an old worry that’s no longer an obstacle when you tack one of each to those luscious lobes.  Outfitting the Debutante When your shy, innocent side yearns to make her appearance in the world, opt for fashion jewelry that’s big blocks of fun. Chunky bracelets, weighty pendants and chokers that go on for miles are the latest accessories to liven up Paris Fashion Week, according to Elle Magazine. The look is anything but demure for today’s modern debutantes, and the theme of the evening is unrestrained merriment. Bigger is better when you’re ready to express the young and adventurous you.  Befitting a Princess You don’t have to be a princess to wear a tiara — you just have to feel like one. According to Forbes, this stunning, royal headpiece is still a major fashion accessory for women around the globe. Brought back into vogue by Kate, the beloved Duchess of Cambridge, the modern tiara should be worn according to the occasion, and strict rules abound regarding its placement on the head.  Where this bejeweled accessory was once worn far forward and centered directly over the forehead, modern fashion pushes it much farther back. To be properly placed, a fashion tiara should perch at a 45-degree angle to the ears and far back on the head. Perfect for formal occasions […]

Turning 16: 4 Awesome Gifts Your Son Will Enjoy And Learn Something From

Now that your teen son is turning 16, it’s a good time to come up with a gift for him that’s just as much about education as it is about entertainment. Before you know it, he’ll be an adult and out living life on his own terms, so why not take every chance you can get to provide them with some valuable life education? This year, celebrate your teen’s 16th birthday with a gift that he’ll enjoy and learn something from at the same time – here are a few ideas that are worth considering: A Coin Starter Kit A hobby your teen may enjoy is collecting coins – it’s an interesting way to work with money, and, it offers a challenge to find and hold on to valuable coins that can be found in everyday change that is left over at the end of the day. Valuable coins can be found online to add to the collection as your teen can afford it, making it possible to continue growing the collection as he ages without having to rely on spare change or bank resources to find the good stuff. Collecting coins teaches a sense of responsibility, because they need to be maintained in good condition and kept safe from loss, theft, and damage. The collection of coins can also be financially beneficial later on in life once the collection has grown in size. In fact, a hefty coin collection just might pay for your teen’s first home or fund their dream trip around the world to explore. A College Class Just because your teen hasn’t graduated high school yet doesn’t mean that they can’t get a head start on college. Many community colleges allow high school students to attend certain classes and earn credits that can be used toward a degree while enrolled in college full time after high school. Core math, English, and science classes can be taken. But if your teen isn’t inclined to do a lot of homework or engage heavily in studies, consider going with something a little more interesting such as poetry, acting, woodworking, or even swimming. The idea is to encourage your teen to engage in higher learning, so they’ll be more likely to want to continue their education after graduating from high school. A Volunteer Vacation Who doesn’t love taking time out of life to enjoy a vacation away from home? Your teen […]

Love Jewelry Shopping? Watch For This Egg-Cellent Investment Opportunity, And Scramble If You Find It!

Do you love jewelry? Do you not consider yourself a collector, but still spend plenty of time browsing jewelry shops and occasionally splurging on pieces that really strike your eye? If so, why not try and make yourself a millionaire by learning to watch for pieces from the lost Imperial treasure collection. What Are These Imperial Treasures? Between the years of 1885 and 1917, the Emperor of Russia and his son commissioned the top Russian jeweler of the time to create the most marvelous gifts for their mothers and wives. The bestowals came in the form of eggs, each intricately decorated with a bounty of fine gems and precious metals, and each carrying some sort of surprise inside. The surprises ranged from strutting golden peacocks, to emerald pendants, pearls, clocks, and framed photos. While most of the 50 eggs that were created sit on locked shelves in museums and private collection galleries, there are still 7 eggs and 11 surprises that remain unaccounted for. Where Should You Look For The Missing Eggs? When Lenin and the Bolsheviks seized Russia in 1917, they raided the royal palaces, at which time some of the eggs were thought to be stolen by the members of the Bolshevik party. The remaining eggs were locked away in storage and forgotten about until Stalin came into rule and did some armory spring-cleaning in an effort to trade some military-seized clutter for foreign funds. From there, some of the eggs made it to America, where yet more were lost before their true value was realized and efforts were made by private collectors to acquire what was left of this rich piece of Russian history and keep it safe from further plunder. The most recently re-discovered lost egg was found at a bric-a-brac store in 2014 by a scrap dealer in Midwest America. The scrap dealer paid $14,000 for the egg, expecting that he could make around $500 by plucking out the gems and selling them individually and melting the precious metals down. After doing some research, though, he discovered that keeping the piece in tact would be far more profitable — he sold the egg in its entirety to a private collector for roughly $35 million.  There’s no telling where the remaining missing eggs might turn up, but antique jewelry shops are certainly a safe place to scout for them. If one of these treasures falls into […]