Choosing Incredible Jewelry For Work

Do you want to spruce up your look for work? Learn tips for picking the best jewelry and accessories so you can look great and professional.

Diamonds Vs. Cubic Zirconia: Know What You’re Getting

13 August 2017
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Those of you searching for a diamond ring have no doubt wondered if what you've seen has been real. Diamonds are popular but hard to get (no pun intended); natural diamonds require intense mining efforts, and lab-created diamonds still require time. Because these stones are still highly prized, unscrupulous sellers have repeatedly tried to pass off cheaper materials at diamond prices. However, some of those diamond-like materials, like cubic zirconia, are pretty in their own right and have their place at the jewelry table. Read More …

3 Signs You Should Start Selling Costume Jewelry Online

3 June 2017
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You can buy and sell tons of different things online. One thing that is really popular for online shopping is costume jewelry. In fact, you might have even purchased some jewelry online yourself. These are a few signs that you may want to consider building your own business and selling costume jewelry online for a profit yourself. 1. You Make Jewelry If you are a crafty type of person who loves making jewelry, such as if you make a lot of jewelry for yourself, you may want to consider sharing your skills with the world. Read More …

To Prong Or Not To Prong: What’s Right For Your Engagement Ring?

21 September 2016
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If you're in the midst of designing your engagement ring, you know you have a lot of choices. And when it comes to selecting the right setting for your diamond, you want one that will not only allow your precious stone to sparkle but also one that will also keep it protected forever. No matter what you've heard about prong settings, there are distinct advantages and drawbacks to choosing this style as well as alternatives that suit any lifestyle. Read More …

Why You Need Your Jewelry Appraised & What To Look For In An Appraiser

1 February 2016
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People often don't think about appraising their jewelry unless they are thinking about selling it. However, you should get an appraisal right after you purchase it and every two years after. There are many different reasons to get jewelry appraised, and here are some important reasons, along with what to look for in an appraiser. Why You Need an Appraisal 1. Jewelry Store Appraisal May Be Inaccurate Most jewelry stores will offer an in-store appraisal with your jewelry. Read More …

Working at the Pawn Shop: How Pawn Brokers Tell What Jewelry Is Worth

11 November 2015
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Have you ever considered selling some jewelry? Maybe you need a couple extra bucks to pay for a concert ticket you're dying for, or maybe you really need some cash before payday to get caught up on a bill. Whatever your reason, you're probably curious what you can get for your jewelry. Read on, because you're about to find out. The Five Cs: Content, Condition, Cut, Carat, Clarity The first, and for some pawnbrokers, the most important aspect of jewelry sales is what exactly the jewelry is made of. Read More …

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Choosing Incredible Jewelry For Work

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