Why Diamonds Are An Excellent Choice For Funeral Jewelry

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Why Diamonds Are An Excellent Choice For Funeral Jewelry

18 October 2022
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When it comes to jewelry for a funeral or memorial service, one of the best and safest choices is diamonds. Why is this? And what should you know about styling diamonds appropriately for a funeral? Here are some answers to your questions. 

Why Choose Diamonds? 

Diamonds have many unique features that make them great for funerals. They are a sort of neutral in jewelry terms, being largely without color. They go well with both traditional black that is usually worn to funerals as well as other mourning colors. 

Modest diamonds are not overly flashy nor do they draw unwanted attention, which is a must for funerals. Most styles do not jangle or cause noise during a solemn event. And because they're readily available, you can find diamonds to style anyone. 

How Should You Style Diamonds?

For a funeral, less is more. Err on the side of caution and conservative styling unless directly told otherwise by the planners. Most people put on only one or two pieces of jewelry. Wear jewelry that you are comfortable in and that fits your taste so you aren't self-conscious during what will already be a challenging time. 

What are some of the most common diamond jewelry pieces to wear? Stud and small drop earrings are modest and attractive. Many people choose a bracelet, a pendant necklace, or a pin. Men may opt for cuff links. Watches are very appropriate for any gender. 

Should You Buy New Jewelry?

Look for new jewelry pieces if you don't have anything that looks nice enough for funeral wear. Unfortunately, this will probably not be the last funeral or memorial you attend. So purchasing something modest now will serve you for many years. It's also a good idea to buy new if your only diamonds are large, noisy, or glitzy and glamorous. 

Finally, consider going jewelry shopping if you'd like to wear a memento of the deceased person. For example, at the funeral of her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, young Princess Charlotte wore a diamond horseshoe pin to honor the Queen's love of horses. This is a wonderful way to honor your loved one and have a special memory to keep. 

Where Should You Start?

Want help choosing the right piece of diamond jewelry for an upcoming funeral? Start by talking with an experienced diamond jeweler in your area. With their expertise, you'll soon find a lovely way to show your respects and say goodbye. 

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