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2 Tips For Cleaning Your Pearl Necklace For Your Wedding Day

20 March 2019
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If you have chosen a pearl necklace as a key accessory for your wedding dress, you want to make sure that it looks its best for your big day. Even if the necklace is new, it may still have oils or dirt on the pearls that could mar their beauty. If so, use the following tips for cleaning your pearl bridal necklace for your wedding day. 1. Wipe the Pearls with a Warm, Soapy Solution Read More …

Cashing In On Your Luxury Watch

20 November 2018
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Credit requirements for personal loans have become more strict in recent years. Many people are unable to qualify for loans to help them cover unexpected expenses. Fortunately, alternative forms of financing are available. You can utilize a jewelry loan to turn your luxury watch into the cash you need to pay your bills. When you understand the value of your watch, you can leverage that value to maximize the amount of money available through a jewelry loan. Read More …

Things To Consider When Buying A Diamond

19 November 2018
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Buying a diamond for a ring or other piece of jewelry can leave you wondering if you got a high-quality stone or just an okay one. There is a rating system in place for diamonds and most jewelers are good about explaining it to buys but in many cases, only as a means of justifying the price of the stone. How do you get the best stone for your money? Here are a few things to consider. Read More …

Why Buy A Timepiece Watch?

24 July 2018
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Watches have been worn for many years by people who are into fashion and timeliness — or both. You've heard of the term timepiece and know it's related to a clock somehow, but a timepiece watch is no different than a traditional watch, right? Actually, there are subtle differences between a timepiece watch and a classic watch. Learn the differences, then decide if a timepiece is best for you. The difference Read More …

Diamonds Vs. Cubic Zirconia: Know What You’re Getting

13 August 2017
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Those of you searching for a diamond ring have no doubt wondered if what you've seen has been real. Diamonds are popular but hard to get (no pun intended); natural diamonds require intense mining efforts, and lab-created diamonds still require time. Because these stones are still highly prized, unscrupulous sellers have repeatedly tried to pass off cheaper materials at diamond prices. However, some of those diamond-like materials, like cubic zirconia, are pretty in their own right and have their place at the jewelry table. Read More …

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