Cashing In On Your Luxury Watch

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Cashing In On Your Luxury Watch

20 November 2018
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Credit requirements for personal loans have become more strict in recent years. Many people are unable to qualify for loans to help them cover unexpected expenses. Fortunately, alternative forms of financing are available.

You can utilize a jewelry loan to turn your luxury watch into the cash you need to pay your bills. When you understand the value of your watch, you can leverage that value to maximize the amount of money available through a jewelry loan. Consider the following factors when determining the value of the watch. 


One of the factors that can affect the amount of money a pawnbroker is willing to offer you as a loan for your luxury watch is the demand for the model on the secondary market.

If you are unable to repay your loan on time, the broker will attempt to sell your watch in order to recoup their investment. The higher the demand is for your watch model among consumers, the more money the broker will be able to ask when selling the watch.

Do some research on the demand for your watch model and the availability of similar watches so that you can negotiate a fair loan amount.


Once you have determined that there is some demand for your watch model, you need to consider the condition the watch is in. The condition of the watch can have a significant impact on the overall value of a luxury watch.

When you seek out a jewelry loan, the broker will evaluate your watch to determine if it is in good working condition. Any water-resistant properties will be tested, and the timing mechanism will be evaluated for accuracy during the initial evaluation.

It can be helpful to invest in small repairs if you need to get top dollar for your luxury watch when applying for a jewelry loan.


Certain jewelry makers are known for creating quality watches. These makers have a certain prestige that makes their products more desirable among consumers. Many people will seek out prestigious watches on the secondary market because used watches are more affordable.

Brokers understand the clout that prestigious manufacturers enjoy, and they are often willing to offer more money on collateral loans made for prestige luxury watches. You can use the internet to identify any maker's marks on your watch. Use these marks to determine if the watch has additional value based on the prestige of the manufacturer.

A jewelry loan can be a great way to gain access to the cash you need without relying on your credit rating. Consider using your luxury watch as collateral for a jewelry loan the next time you are facing unexpected expenses.

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