Choosing Everyday Earrings: 4 Tips

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Choosing Everyday Earrings: 4 Tips

17 August 2021
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Many people who wear earrings like to have a pair for everyday wear. These are your go-to pair — the ones you wear to the office, to the grocery store, and to family gatherings alike. When you plan on wearing a pair of earrings this often, you really want those earrings to be the right ones. So, here are some tips to follow when picking everyday earrings.

Don't spend too much

You do want to spend a decent amount on these earrings since they need to hold up to everyday wear. You don't want ones made from nickel and other cheap metals, as they may irritate your ears with such frequent wear. At the same time, you probably don't want to spend $5,000 on earrings you're going to wear anywhere and everywhere since there is a chance you might lose them. Everyone's budget is different, but if you aim to spend around $100 to $200, you should be able to find a decent, but reasonable pair.

Pay attention to the backs

Since you will be wearing these earrings while you're out doing various things, you want them to be secure on your ears. You do not want earrings that lose their backs easily or ones that are likely to pull out if you catch them on something. Try putting the backs on and off before you buy a pair of earrings. Make sure they are stable and secure.

Look for a neutral color

Yes, bright blue earrings might look nice. Technicolor ones might look cool. But colorful earrings are unlikely to match a lot of your outfits. You want to instead look for a neutral pair that will coordinate with many different things in your closet. For some people, a simple pair of gold or silver hoops works well. A pair of faux diamond studs is another good choice.

Make sure they won't catch

Since you will be wearing these earrings day after day, there will probably be days you leave them in overnight. This means you'll be pulling clothing over your head with your earrings on. As such, you want the earrings to be relatively smooth so they don't get caught on your clothes and pulled out of your ears. Stay away from really rough-cut studs and choose smoother ones instead.

With the tips above, you should be able to choose everyday earrings that suit you and your lifestyle. Contact a local jewelry store to learn more about earrings.

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