Are You Looking For Distinctive Jewelry For Your Wife's Birthday?

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Are You Looking For Distinctive Jewelry For Your Wife's Birthday?

29 May 2020
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If your wife loves jewelry, you will probably never go wrong with buying her additional pieces to add to her collection. Your wife might have a special love for diamonds. With that in mind, perhaps you would be interested in buying diamond jewelry from the New York design house that has been around since 1892. The first designer, Abraham Jaffe, designed his first pieces when he was only twenty-six years old. 

Is your wife's engagement ring from gifted designers that follow the tradition of Abraham Jaffe? If so, maybe you would like to purchase new pieces that will complement your wife's engagement ring. Whether you buy one piece or several, will of course depend on how much money you are willing to spend. Read on for some ideas that might help.

Rings  - Think of buying your wife a stackable ring for her birthday. Stackable rings will complement other jewelry and any clothing your wife wears.

  • Even just one ring with diamonds in a twisted design would be a unique and beautiful gift. 
  • If you can swing it, add a second stackable with rubies as part of the design.
  • Maybe you can add more rings to the stack. If so, go with a ring that has a diamond crown design.

Earrings - Maybe your wife is like many other women and she doesn't feel like she's fully dressed until she has her earrings on. Make her birthday earrings extra special with diamonds as their focal point.

  • One idea is to select earrings that have a single diamond in the center and smaller ones creating the look of a flower.
  • You can also go with hoop earrings that have diamonds completely surrounding the hoops. 
  • A totally different look would be a cluster of diamonds in a circle in a half-ball design.

Necklaces - Have you noticed how many women are wearing diamond necklaces that have a very simple design?

  • Choose a necklace that has a single diamond in it for a simple and classic look.
  • If you want something more dramatic, go with a necklace that has a diamond in the center and four arches with tiny diamonds inside the arches surrounding the larger diamond.
  • A third choice would mimic diamond tennis bracelets. This necklace would have tiny diamonds creating an eternity effect.

Whether you buy your wife the single stackable ring or whether you purchase an entire set, the jewelry jewelry you choose could become heirloom pieces.

If you're looking for jewelry as a birthday gift for your wife, consider looking at A.Jaffe Jewelry designer jewelry.


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