Caring For Your New Hoop Earrings

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Caring For Your New Hoop Earrings

20 March 2019
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Hoop earrings can be a stylish accessory. However, there are many steps that should be taken to ensure the earrings stay in good condition. While caring for these earrings can be a simple task, there are many mistakes that can be avoided with a little preparation and care.

Make Sure To Keep The Earrings Clean

The most basic form of care that your earrings will require is to be cleaned periodically. This cleaning is necessary to remove the dirt, oil and other substances that will gather on the earrings. When cleaning the earrings, you should avoid using harsh cleaning agents as this can degrade the quality of the metal in the earrings. High-quality jewelry cleaners will enable you to easily and safely remove the substances that are causing your earrings to appear dull. After cleaning the earrings, make sure to rinse them so that any excess cleaning agents are removed. Depending on the design of these earrings, there may be some difficult areas to reach, but a cotton swab may allow you to effectively clean these areas.

Avoid Warping The Hoop Earrings

When you are storing your earrings, you will need to take great care to ensure that the hoop earrings are properly supported. These earrings can be particularly prone to warping due to their large size. If you have a large collection of these earrings, you may want to invest in a jewelry case that is designed to hold this type of earring. In the event that your hoop earrings become warped, you should avoid attempting to correct them yourself. Rather, you should allow a professional jewelry repair technician to straighten them. If you attempt to straighten them without using the right tools, you could make the problem much worse, which could increase the repair costs that you will face.

Know When To Remove The Hoop Earrings

Wearing hoop earrings during inappropriate times can be one of the main causes of damage to these items of jewelry. Unfortunately, there are some activities that may seem harmless for these earrings, but they may actually be able to cause severe degradation. One example can be swimming with these earrings as the chlorine or salt in the water can be highly corrosive to a variety of precious metals. Additionally, wearing these earrings in the shower can lead to soap residue and dirt collecting on them. Lastly, you should make sure to never fall asleep wearing these earrings as it can be extremely easy to warp them.

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