Turning 16: 4 Awesome Gifts Your Son Will Enjoy And Learn Something From

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Turning 16: 4 Awesome Gifts Your Son Will Enjoy And Learn Something From

29 October 2015
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Now that your teen son is turning 16, it's a good time to come up with a gift for him that's just as much about education as it is about entertainment. Before you know it, he'll be an adult and out living life on his own terms, so why not take every chance you can get to provide them with some valuable life education? This year, celebrate your teen's 16th birthday with a gift that he'll enjoy and learn something from at the same time – here are a few ideas that are worth considering:

A Coin Starter Kit

A hobby your teen may enjoy is collecting coins – it's an interesting way to work with money, and, it offers a challenge to find and hold on to valuable coins that can be found in everyday change that is left over at the end of the day. Valuable coins can be found online to add to the collection as your teen can afford it, making it possible to continue growing the collection as he ages without having to rely on spare change or bank resources to find the good stuff.

Collecting coins teaches a sense of responsibility, because they need to be maintained in good condition and kept safe from loss, theft, and damage. The collection of coins can also be financially beneficial later on in life once the collection has grown in size. In fact, a hefty coin collection just might pay for your teen's first home or fund their dream trip around the world to explore.

A College Class

Just because your teen hasn't graduated high school yet doesn't mean that they can't get a head start on college. Many community colleges allow high school students to attend certain classes and earn credits that can be used toward a degree while enrolled in college full time after high school. Core math, English, and science classes can be taken.

But if your teen isn't inclined to do a lot of homework or engage heavily in studies, consider going with something a little more interesting such as poetry, acting, woodworking, or even swimming. The idea is to encourage your teen to engage in higher learning, so they'll be more likely to want to continue their education after graduating from high school.

A Volunteer Vacation

Who doesn't love taking time out of life to enjoy a vacation away from home? Your teen is sure to find value in a paid getaway, even if they'll be volunteering throughout the experience. Consider setting up a vacation to a catholic church in a nearby city that will host your teen for a few days so they can serve in the soup kitchen, help with laundry, or learn about the religion in a group setting with other teens. Other opportunities such as working as a counselor at summer camps for younger kids, painting murals for kids at community centers around the nation, and camping events designed to engage in sustainable projects are also available options that may be of value to your teen.

A Home Business Opportunity

Another gift option to consider that your teen is sure to appreciate and learn something from at the same time is the opportunity to run a home business. Fund a small business plan that your teen comes up with, such as mowing lawns, babysitting, or small painting jobs. Invest in a computer program that will enable your teen to make flyers and brochures, and pay for the paper to print them out on.

To ensure success, you'll want to put together a package of tools and resources they'll need to efficiently run their new business – such as a lawnmower, games and toys for babysitting, or painting gear. You can always offer the equipment as a loan and have your teen pay you back with their profits as they start rolling in.

These ideas should help you to come up with a solid gift idea that excites your teen and provides them with real life experience that they'll be able to use when making decisions for themselves all the way through adulthood.

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