Expressing Your Mood Through Trendy Fashion Jewelry

Do you want to spruce up your look for work? Learn tips for picking the best jewelry and accessories so you can look great and professional.

Expressing Your Mood Through Trendy Fashion Jewelry

29 October 2015
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Finding the perfect way to express your personality is important, and accessories are a fun and affordable solution when budget is an issue. When you can't afford the latest designer dress or heels, tell the world who you are by choosing trendy fashion jewelry pieces that speak to the woman you wish to express. There's nothing you can't say when you let your ensemble do the talking. Whether the look you're trying to convey is upwardly mobile or free-spirited and bohemian, matching the trinkets to the mood only takes a little planning:

Accessorizing the Free Spirit

When you're itching to unleash your inner wild, anything goes -- even mismatched earrings. Fresh off the pages of Harper's Bazaar, earrings that have nothing in common besides the woman wearing them are the latest fashion statement to rock the runway. Maybe they both dangle; maybe they don't. One's red -- the other is green. There are no-holds-barred this year when it comes to dressing up the ears of the bohemian woman. So you have trouble choosing between your two favorite pairs of earrings? It's an old worry that's no longer an obstacle when you tack one of each to those luscious lobes. 

Outfitting the Debutante

When your shy, innocent side yearns to make her appearance in the world, opt for fashion jewelry that's big blocks of fun. Chunky bracelets, weighty pendants and chokers that go on for miles are the latest accessories to liven up Paris Fashion Week, according to Elle Magazine. The look is anything but demure for today's modern debutantes, and the theme of the evening is unrestrained merriment. Bigger is better when you're ready to express the young and adventurous you. 

Befitting a Princess

You don't have to be a princess to wear a tiara -- you just have to feel like one. According to Forbes, this stunning, royal headpiece is still a major fashion accessory for women around the globe. Brought back into vogue by Kate, the beloved Duchess of Cambridge, the modern tiara should be worn according to the occasion, and strict rules abound regarding its placement on the head. 

Where this bejeweled accessory was once worn far forward and centered directly over the forehead, modern fashion pushes it much farther back. To be properly placed, a fashion tiara should perch at a 45-degree angle to the ears and far back on the head. Perfect for formal occasions and dressy nights out, the sparkling tiara is a perfect addition for those occasions when you expect royal treatment. 

Emanating All Business

Business casual takes on a whole new level of trendy when you take time to accessorize your look properly. Office fashion can be fun too, and who says you can't draw attention to yourself as long as you do it in a classic and elegant way? When you're anticipating a long day at the office, opt for a single, bold statement -- perhaps a chunky necklace or a wide cuff bracelet, and leave the rest at home.

And while it's no longer taboo to wear eye-catching fashion jewelry to the office, rumor has it that it helps if you earn the right to step up the price. According to The Grindstone, wearing pricey jewels too early in your career can actually hurt your chances of climbing that corporate ladder because it looks like you're too financially stable to actually need the job. So play it safe and stick with trendy fashion pieces -- at least until you make your first million. 

Learning how to accessorize your every mood is an adventure. Embrace it. And then let others embrace it too.

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